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NYC prep? cmon..

nyc-prep-600x310So I actually sat down for a good ten minutes to watch this new NYC prep show and let me just start off by saying that it is nothing close to anything I imagined. If these so called “rich socialites” have as much money as they claim, then why the hell are they walking around wearing…that. I’m pretty sure I saw more style in the halls in my high school than on these girls. If you don’t believe me go watch for yourselves. Blair Waldorf puts all these little girls to shame!


Big, bold, and heavy


Maria Francesca Pepe is an Italian designer who specializes in these HUGE necklaces. They’re actually really awesome and could make any boring outfit into an awesome outfit. You can learn more about her and her designs here. Also, make sure to check out the pictures of the collections because the photography is as awesome as the jewelry.


New layout!

Yeah that lace is pretty and all but a COOOLER layout coming in about an hour 😉 

check back!

Chanel at Haute

Gabrielle Coco ChanelFor all you Chanel lovers there’s a Decades Two Chanel sale going on at HauteLook RIGHT NOW! Basically what Decades Two Chanel is two guys who ransacked the worlds best closets and found new and vintage Chanel items to put on sale. If you’re interested you should check it out this second because the sale started at 8AM and when I woke up this morning half the stuff (including the 500$ purse) was all sold out. So if you’ve got some hundreds laying around your room and want to spend it on a Chanel get up then make your way over there….FAST!


inbetweenmolsI know I’ve been kind of slacking with the posts lately but I promise to get more on the ball. I’ve just been everywhere these past few days but I’m here on this Mac to stay!

For now, I leave you with two new sites I found this weekend which have great vintage stuff AND great new items.

ShopNastyGal (don’t let the name fool you, there’s only room for one nasty girl in this world and you know you are ;)- this sight is  anything but nasty


Opening Ceremony This is actually a store in NYC which has so much awesome things on their site. 




(No more Xoxo’s thanks to Mariana Ramos and Rebecca Dulberg for making fun of me ha )


Today I was at Forever21 and found these.

Does anyone find this shoe extremely similar to a certain designers shoe?


outfit of the night

Crappy picture but it’s better than nothing right?


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