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deutsch vogue 0909 7With fall right around the corner (not that the temperature ever dips below 60 here) I’m stocking up on tights. THESE are number one on my list. Aren’t they amazing?


Lets get down in Barcelona


I leave you with this Nylon obsessed video. Yeah, I get lost in it somewhere between the sparkle eye shadow and the false lashes


Back in action..kinda

I know it’s been a while since there’s been a post but this will all be changing! Trying to get a new look for the blog…if you can help Email me! Thanks

New York City.

We are BOTH in New York City!  New posts to come asap!!!!


Mollie and Eli

Princess Peach Asks for Directions.

After a wonderful day frolicking at the beach with friends, my roommate and I took a quick stroll down Bedford ave to find her an outfit at American Apparel.  Out of the blue this cute little blond girl walks up to us and asks us where Beacons Closet is.  As she is asking us for directions I realize that she is in fact Peaches Geldof. Being such a vintage vixen herself I would expect her to know where Beacons Closet is.  For those of you who do not reside in the hipser capital of the world (Williamsburg)  Beacons Closet is one of the biggest and most well known vintage thrift stores in the area.  Her outfit didn’t seem too out of the ordinary but her new short haircut is definitely something to take note of.

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