What’s with all the looks?

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I have just had the worst experience of my life and I feel its crucial I share it with you all. 

Just like everyone else in my school I am required to take a speech and communications class. Hey, that’s fine with me! I’ve never really had a problem speaking in front of people and I actually kind of enjoy it. Anyway, a few weeks ago, we were assigned our first speech on any topic of our choice. Being the little fashionista that I am, I chose to do my speech on the importance of individual style and dressing well. I was confident with my topic and spent all of today preparing and going over everything I was going to say. So, 5:30 rolls along and it is time for my class to begin. I automatically volunteer to go first because you know- I’m prepared, confident, got a great visual…it should go perfect. WRONG. The minute I presented my thesis statement nearly half the class rolled their eyes. (I’m sure they thought fashion topic = ditz) Apparently not one person in my class thinks it is important to dress well and covey your individuality through your clothing. All of a sudden, everyone starts objecting, starts calling me judgmental, and I of course break. They kept saying that they don’t pay attention to what they wear and in no way is it important. Now, I understand that there are people in the world that appreciate clothing more than others but when it really comes down to it we DO pay attention to what clothing we buy and wear. Wether it’s a shirt you paid a dollar for at Ross, or a $1000 pair of Chanel pumps, you chose to buy that for what ever reason.  Everyone kept saying that your clothes doesn’t make who you are and while I couldn’t agree more, they were completely missing my point. As much as we deny it, we live in a world where when we first meet a person, we judge (positively or negatively) them by what they’re wearing. When we go to a job interview we want to look presentable (whatever presentable means to you.) When we go on a date, we try to look sexy but not look like a total slut (unless you have hidden motives which is a totally different story.) Even when you go to meet someone you’ve never met before, we all try to look nice!  I even tried to find a way to make everyone relate the subject by including every type of style, race, and gender but it just seemed that no one felt it is important to look nice and express yourself through personal style . Why is it that those who aren’t as ‘fashion savvy’ as us have such a negative mindset towards style, clothing and the ability to express yourself through this form of art? Is it really that bad to actually try to look nice? The world puzzles me sometimes….

Hope you all had a better day 




2 Responses to “What’s with all the looks?”

  1. 1 cinchorswim September 18, 2009 at 12:30 am

    fuck ’em all.

  2. 2 Nicole October 3, 2009 at 2:42 pm

    ay ay ay, I know what you mean. It’s as if you dress nice and like fashion that plugs you as a stupid girl who doesn’t care about anything but clothes and how your hair looks.
    College is annoying for this reason.. as if it’s hard to take a shower and look decent before your 2 o’clock class.
    Like she said, fuck ’em all.

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