Nylon, beet salad, and Led Zeppelin: FARAN KRENTCIL

D Squared - Faran Krentcil

So recently I had this great idea where I start bringing you guys some actual interviews with prominent people in the fashion world. When trying to think of who to feature first, I automatically thought of Faran Krentcil. Now, if you don’t read your daily Fashionista and aren’t on top of your game, she’s the founder of Fashionista as well as the digital director of Nylon. Somewhere in between her love for beet salads, and her obsession with the Damien Rice cover of Creep, I fell in love. I wanted to give you guys a more inside look at her life rather than some boring work-related questions. So here it is!

EJ :If we were to go back in time to one of your high school
days, what would you most likely be wearing?

FK: A black mini-dress, red Vans sneakers, a red hoodie or oversized cardigan,
wool tights, and a messenger bag from the Army Navy store.  There would
also be Clinique Almost Lipstick in Black Honey and dark purple nail polish
from Wet ‘n Wild involved.  This was the late ’90s, after all…

EJ:. I read that you graduated from Duke as an Art Major – is
there any piece of artwork that you absolutely love?

FK: There’s a piece called Concordia by Graham Nixon that was painted in the
’70s.  It’s of a girl sitting on a railing looking out on a beautiful
beach, but her expression is just totally bored.  I wrote a play based on
that painting (I was a theater major too!)

EJ: I know that being the digital director at Nylon requires
you to have an eye for spotting out different trends and being able to
 it to your readers/viewers. What do YOU think is the next big trend?
FK: I’m calling it “Punk Cherokee” – it’s some traditional Southwestern
elements like feathers, leather, and seed beads, but reworked into a much
more aggressive silhouette.  Should be fun.

EJ: It’s obvious you ladies over at Nylon are OBSESSED with
yellow nail polish. Is there any other color you’d love to see people start

FK: We’ll see if the pastel blue nail comes back into style when Hard Candy
relaunches in Walmart this Spring.

EJ: What’s one book that you really love? 
FK: “Never Let Me Go” by Kazuo Ishiguro.  It’s the scariest and most brilliant
thing I’ve ever read.

EJ: What band/artist/song are you currently obsessed with?  
FK: I can’t stop playing this cover of Creep by Radiohead that Damien Rice did.
But my all-time band crush is Led Zeppelin.

EJ: What’s one food spot in the city that you just never get tired of?
FK: Veselka! The Russian diner on 9th Street!  OMG how can you live without a
bowl of organic beet salad?!  (I’m Russian, which probably helps…)

EJ: If you weren’t living in New York where would you be living? 
FK: London, definitely.  But I’m also excited to move back to North Carolina
eventually, just for a year.  I want to write a book there.

EJ: Red or hot pink lipstick? 
FK: Today?  Hot pink.  But I love both.

EJ: And the big question – Chuck or Nate?
FK: Ew! No! Vampire Eric!



Hope you guys enjoyed! Wonder who will be next feature…stay tuned!




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