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Goodbye 2009: The year in pictures

2009, at first you were a little rough on me but you eased up and have made me a really happy girl! So thanks for the good times, but I’m over you and I’m ready for 2010. 

I thought it would be cool to recap the year in pictures I have on my iPhoto..

January: New Years in Toronto and some frolicking on the hidden streets of Miami

February: Coconut Grove Art Festival

March: My birthday, some fun at Ultra Music Festival, and good times with friends…

April: Bahamas and Toronto!

May: Atlantis with the family..

June: Miami Beach hangout with the friendsies and some more time with friends..

July: Cruise time! and many many birthdays to celebrate….

August: New York!

September: Some time in the Keys….

October: Some more New York and then some San Diego..

November: Oh wait, New york again…

and finally, December…

All in all, I’ve had fun but I’m ready for some new pictures and some new fun!

Everyone have a great new year!!

xx Elizabeth


Off again..

You guys know me, can’t be home for too long. So thats why I’m off to New York City tomorrow to spend New Years there! Then on Friday I’m going to be taking a train to MONTREAL! I can’t wait to play in the snow….

I’ll keep you guys posted


PS- This picture was taken across the famous Magnolias Cupcake shop. I’m not sure what this park is named but I’ve officially changed the name to Cupcake Park. I mean, it makes sense, right? 

Long dress, don’t care.

I’d like to take a moment for all of us to notice, and appreciate, the Olsen twins love for long, floor sweeping dresses. I’ve always loved the elegance and beauty of a long gown And believe me, if I had an extravagant place to wear them to, I’d be rocking one every night of the week. Well, there was that one time I wore that long Cynthia Vincent dress for Prom….hmm.

Beautiful. inspiration

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone has been having fun on this holiday break! I’m finally back in Miami and am about to get ready for our Christmas Eve party! I’ll post some pictures in the coming days. Anyway, hope everyone has a lovely Christmas, gets pretty presents, and has a great time with their loved ones.



It’s beginning to feel a lot like….

….Christmas! How is everyone doing? I only have one more day left here on the west coast and then I head back to Miami (eeek!) Like I mentioned in my previous post, I spent my weekend all over Orange County relaxing, going to some holiday parties and having fun with my man! I hope everyones weekend AND monday was nice. Christmas is almost here….wahoo!


walking on a dream

Well, I’ve made it to California! I’ve been having a lot of fun! Tomorrow I’m off to somewhere in Orange County to spend some time with a special someone 🙂 Here are some pictures so far!

This marshmallow ball I was commissioned to make for a holiday party by my lovely aunt

This Christmas tree is a result of toooooo much time on your hands! Still looks great though..

Sassy- cutest kitty ever!

Oh you know, just the press picture for my book tour…..ha!
I love, love, LOVE, this mirrored table…
Channeling my inner Marie Antoinette… 

Yet again..

My cousin Kristen

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

Elizabeth xx

[EDIT: I’ve just realized I have some ugly stamp on my picture. I guess Analogcolor is trying to get me to purchase the software….hmm…looks so ugly.]

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