Gift Guide: For that friend you never know what to get.

You know your best friend who is so difficult to buy a present for? Well, I sure hope one of these may help! I’ve decided to divide each gift guide into two different sections- an Etsy edition (gifts all from an Etsy shop) and a non Etsy edition. 

ETSY// (from upper left corner and clockwise) 

1.  Two Layer Center Ring from Nervoussystem – cute every day ring that looks a lot like coral!

2. M is for Magazine from Paper Doll Wood-shop- a great little magazine holder for your Vogue loving friend.

3. Elizabeth Hand Beaded Gold and Cream Flower Necklace from Quirkybeauty- a little bit more expensive but so lovely.

4. Cream Chunky Hat from Ileaiye- my favorite of the bunch. It’s hand knitted and looks amazing. I want one.

NOT from Etsy// (starting from the top left corner and moving clockwise)

1.  Sweet Nothings by In God We Trust- these cute little necklaces come with five different sayings!

2. Holgawood Camera from Urban Outfitters- For your friend who loves to document every second of your lives…

3. A Year In Fashion by Pascal Morche – I’ve actually sat down and Barnes and Nobles and looked through this whole book. Its awesome. 

4. Charleston Headband by Old Soul New Heart – This headband will look great on your friends little head. If you don’t like this one there are many to choose from!

5. The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman- For your fashionista friend who spend hours on the website! She can now spend another few hours turning the pages of his book!

Stay tuned for the lovers edition next (aka-boyfriends, girlfriends, husbands, and wives)




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