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Sail away, sail away, sail awayay…

This weekend was spent under the Florida sun and I couldn’t of asked for anything more. Nicholas came in for the weekend and on Saturday we went sailing! Here are some pictures

If you followed my Gift Guide and bought your ‘special someone’ Moscot sunglasses this ^ is what they would like in while sailing in the Florida Keys-Ha!



I leave you with some inspiring images for the weekend! x-Mollie

Pheobe Philo How I Adore you.

Pheobe Philo is the brilliant designer behind the brand Celine (and at one point in time Chloe).  I must say I am absolutely in love with her pre-fall collection.  Here are some of my favorite looks. -Mollie


So I got this purple thing from Off Fifth Avenue and I just realized that it is NOT a skirt but actually a dress. I still kind of like it as a skirt 🙂

The bustier top is from silence and noise.

Now I’m off to go pick up someone special from the airport! wahoo!

How to Marry A Millionaire.

Lately,  I have been inspired by classic movies from the 1950’s and 1960’s…most recently How To Marry a Millionaire.  Three models (Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, and Betty Grable) move into a penthouse apartment in New York City in order to attract men with money…lots of money.  Not saying that I condone going after someone for their money but whether it be the fashion or the set, there is something about old movies that I am always drawn to.    No one would leave the house without looking their absolute best.  The men are wearing well cut suits, a hat and a tie and women are wearing their best outfits.  Not to say I don’t leave my apartment disheveled because I quite often do but a part of me would like to go back to those times.  – Mollie

Just incase you didn’t already see…

Coachella line up announced! While I’m not so impressed with their “major headliners,” I’m actually loving their line up this year. I think I may just have to mosey on over there. I mean- wouldn’t YOU want to know what in the world Thom Yorke???? means!? Plus Phoenix, Miike Snow, Hot Chip, LDC Soundsystems, deadmau5, La Roux, and Julian Casablancas. Um- yes, please!


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Image from IrenaSophia shop on Etsy!

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