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My flip

My wonderful aunt Gina bought me a Flip for Christmas and I’ve pretty much been filming everything. Here’s a short minute video I put together really quick in the airport yesterday. Enjoy!


Cloaks and things

I want to share with you guys the beautiful cloak/cape I’ve pretty much stolen from my boyfriend which was designed by his friend and designer Lindsey Thornburg. I’ve fallen in love with just about every one of her patterns and styles and I’m sad I can’t take this one home with me (even though there we be no use for it in Miami.) They’re super warm and are extremely soft.  Go take a look at her site. 

Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Hello lovelies. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend whether you’re in some tropical island laying under the sun, or a cold city like I am. Sorry for the slow down in posts but honestly- I’ve been lazing it around since I got back from Montreal. While we usually roam the streets of downtown, Nicholas and I decided to go uptown for some MET action and maybe a walk through Central Park. I took some great pictures and will be posting them soon. xx

2010 begins!

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great new years! Mine was so fun! I flew in on the 31st to New York, celebrated at a really fun party (with lots of Melissas cupcakes!) and had to wake up super early to get on the train to Montreal!

I just wanted to share some pictures of my time in Montreal. It was so pretty and there was so much snow. The poutine was so yummy (as always) and I especially loved Old Montreal…made me feel as if I was in Europe. Unfortunately, theres not that many pictures (my fingers were too cold!!) but here you go..

Goodbye 2009: The year in pictures

2009, at first you were a little rough on me but you eased up and have made me a really happy girl! So thanks for the good times, but I’m over you and I’m ready for 2010. 

I thought it would be cool to recap the year in pictures I have on my iPhoto..

January: New Years in Toronto and some frolicking on the hidden streets of Miami

February: Coconut Grove Art Festival

March: My birthday, some fun at Ultra Music Festival, and good times with friends…

April: Bahamas and Toronto!

May: Atlantis with the family..

June: Miami Beach hangout with the friendsies and some more time with friends..

July: Cruise time! and many many birthdays to celebrate….

August: New York!

September: Some time in the Keys….

October: Some more New York and then some San Diego..

November: Oh wait, New york again…

and finally, December…

All in all, I’ve had fun but I’m ready for some new pictures and some new fun!

Everyone have a great new year!!

xx Elizabeth

Off again..

You guys know me, can’t be home for too long. So thats why I’m off to New York City tomorrow to spend New Years there! Then on Friday I’m going to be taking a train to MONTREAL! I can’t wait to play in the snow….

I’ll keep you guys posted


PS- This picture was taken across the famous Magnolias Cupcake shop. I’m not sure what this park is named but I’ve officially changed the name to Cupcake Park. I mean, it makes sense, right? 

Long dress, don’t care.

I’d like to take a moment for all of us to notice, and appreciate, the Olsen twins love for long, floor sweeping dresses. I’ve always loved the elegance and beauty of a long gown And believe me, if I had an extravagant place to wear them to, I’d be rocking one every night of the week. Well, there was that one time I wore that long Cynthia Vincent dress for Prom….hmm.


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